When fishingboatproceeds is best-selling author and den-mother of tumblr, John Green.

My favorite activity is Make John Find the Thing.



This moment I think sums up several things that they love about each other.

Hook loves Emma’s strength and Emma loves that Hook is willing to come back for her.

Loved this

Re-watching last night’s episode of Once..


In season four, I really want to see Henry refer to Rumple and Belle as his grandparents (even if Belle only counts through marriage). Also, I want to see how Henry and Hook’s relationship evolves now that the ship is FINALLY cannon :) Lastly, I want them to realize that their family is so screwed up.. For starters, Hook looked after Neal and was in a relationship with his mom, and now is in a relationship with the mother of Neal’s child.

I just wanna see them trying to make a chart or something mapping it all out…it would be solo screwed up…